Stages of Service


For a prospective client, it is important to interview only reputable contractors and then connect with a preferred builder as early as possible in the project’s “life cycle.” The initial consultation enables a client and builder to determine if they are a ‘fit’ and will serve as a starting point for the builder to evaluate the client’s initial construction needs. Getting an experienced and honest builder involved early in the process is beneficial because the client then has the benefit of the builder’s expertise to help identify, discuss and mitigate potential obstacles and cost impacts.
Additionally, prospective clients have the opportunity to visit some of our projects, which typically are in different stages of the construction process. This enables the client to view our detailed workmanship, construction practices and service levels. The visits also provide a platform for clients to view new and different design and selection alternatives.
Finally, we conduct a “Process” meeting in which we walk the client through the details of our overall construction approach.  The details reviewed include: working with your design, preliminary pricing, identifying selections, finalizing the budget, the contract and beginning construction.

budgetContractBudget and Contract

Once the client has approved the final plans, Charlottesville Area Builders will have all of its
sub-contractors and suppliers price the project based on the client’s identified selections and plan specifications.
• Price final plans
• Finalize budget and specifications
• Sign contract
• Approve project financing
• Submit plans to Building Dept.

Once all of the final pricing is obtained and validated we will meet with the clients to review a draft of the final budget. At this point we finalize the budget, refine the contract specifications and sign the final contract.
The final step within this stage is Charlottesville Area Builders’ review and approval of the client’s project financing (i.e. theirs or their financial institution’s draw schedule). The project financing defines when and how much the builder will be paid throughout the project; this is based on the percentage of completion of each stage of the construction process or a set monthly draw schedule.


Let the excitement begin! Once a contract has been signed, the financing approved and the permit ready; we break ground. To us, the construction phase is truly an exciting time – it’s the stage that we refer to as the fun part! Why? Because a lot of time has been spent during the pre-construction stages ensuring that everyone involved has crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s, and the only thing left by the time we reach this stage of the game, is to have fun.
• Pull permits and begin construction
• Periodic milestone meetings
• Confirm pre-construction selections
• Complete construction
• Perform Home Owner Orientation
• Finalize accounting and transfer keys

Construction of a client’s custom home or renovation requires a well-coordinated effort by all parties involved. Therefore, we will effectively facilitate every step of the construction process through our extensive expertise and a series of client milestone and periodic meetings. The client meetings are designed to review progress and confirm prior selections.
Communications, whether by e-mail, fax or telephone, are vital for a successful home building experience. Therefore, Charlottesville Area Builders also establishes service levels to ensure that client concerns and/or questions are addressed within a day, if not within hours.


At Charlottesville Area Builders, we understand that service after occupancy is as important as the construction of the home itself. Therefore, we have a One-Year Builder Warranty program that begins with a homeowner orientation prior to move-in. During this meeting, Charlottesville Area Builders demonstrates all of the features in the client’s new home and allows us to note any operational items that need to be completed or addressed prior to closing the project. Sixty days later we will return to the home to take care of any operational repairs or adjustments noted on our 60 day warranty form, which is sent out 30 days after construction completion. Then, at twelve months, we will return for a final review and address any operational items that are noted on our 1 year warranty form, which is sent out 11 months after construction completion.
Though we are well known for bending over backwards to keep our clients happy with their new home, as always, homeowners also share the burden of caring for their home. Therefore, during the initial client orientation walk, and through a home maintenance manual which is provided, we stress the importance and necessity for regular and consistent homeowner care and maintenance, as homeowner negligence can void the warranty.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (434) 296-9119 with any questions, as we truly are committed to being “your custom home builder and remodeling specialist”.